Intelligent Robotics and Applications

ผู้แต่ง : Yu, Haibin.

สำนักพิมพ์ : Springer
หัวข้อเรื่อง : Artificial intelligence., Special purpose computers., Computer communication systems., Optical data processing., Algorithms., User interfaces (Computer systems)., Artificial Intelligence., Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems., Computer Communication Networks., Image Processing and Computer Vision., Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity., User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction.,
จำนวนหน้า : 754 p.
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PB000263 006.3 Y942I 2019 Intelligent Robotics and Applications อยู่บนชั้นวางหนังสือ  เข้าสู่ระบบ 
Promoting Constructive Interaction and Moral Behaviors using Adaptive Empathetic Learning -- A Fast Visual Feature Matching Algorithm in Multi-Robot Visual SLAM -- Mechanical Design and Kinematic Control of a Humanoid Robot Face -- LTF Robot: Binocular Robot with Laser-point Tracking and Focusing Function -- New rigid-soft coupling structure and its stiffness adjusting device -- Capacitive Sensing Based Knee-Angle Continuous Estimation by BP Neural Networks -- Concept and Prototype Design of A Soft Knee Exoskeleton with Continuum Structure (SoftKEX) -- An Improved Model to Estimate Muscle-tendon Mechanics and Energetics During Walking With a Passive Ankle Exoskeleton -- Modeling and analysis of human lower limb in walking motion -- A Self-Calibration Method for Mobile Manipulator -- Design and Development of a Linkage-Tendon Hybrid Driven Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand -- Predict Afferent Tactile Neural Signal for Artificial Nerve Based on Finite Element Human Hand Model -- Screw Displacement and Its Application to the In Vivo Identification of Finger Joint Axes -- A Cell Manipulation Method Based on Stagnation Point of Swirl -- Adaptive Threshold Processing of Secondary Electron Images in Scanning Electron Microscope -- Experimental study of the behavior of muscle cells on projection micro-stereolithography printed micro-structures -- Automatic micropipette tip detection and focusing in industrial micro-imaging system -- Morphologic Reconstruction of 2D Cellular Micro-scaffold Based on Digital Holographic Feedback -- An improved artificial potential field method for Path planning of mobile robot with subgoal adaptive selection -- Trajectory Planning for Digital Camouflage Spray Painting Robot Based on Projection Method -- Autonomous Fault-Tolerant Gait Planning Research for Electrically Driven Large-Load-Ratio Six-Legged Robot -- Long-term Real-time Correlation Filter Tracker for Mobile Robot -- IMU-aided Ultra-Wideband Based Localization for Coal Mine Robots -- Analysis and Optimization of the Drive System of the Mobile Robot Arm in Unmanned Mining Working Face -- A Flexure-based XY Precision Positioning Stage with Integrated Displacement PVDF Sensor -- A Generalized Mathematical Model for the Bridge-type and Lever-type Mechanism -- A novel giant magnetostrictive driven-vibration isolation stage based on compliant mechanism -- Topological synthesis of compliant mechanisms using a level set-based robust formulation -- Design and Modeling of a Continuous Soft Robot -- Flexure-Based Variable Stiffness Gripper for Large-Scale Grasping Force Regulation with Vision -- Kinetostatic modeling of redundantly actuated planar compliant parallel mechanism -- Design of screw fastening tool based on SEA -- Design of Morphing Wing Leading Edge with Compliant Mechanism -- A Novel Flexure Deflection Device with Damping Function Towards Laser Reflector of 3D Lithography -- Design and Analysis of a Planar 3-DOF Large Range Compliant Mechanism with Leaf-type Flexure -- Video-Guided Sound Source Separation -- In-hand manipulation for active object recognition -- Designing Bionic Path Robots to Minimize the Metabolic Cost of Human Movement -- Adaptive whole-arm grasping approach of tumbling space debris by two coordinated hyper-redundant manipulators -- Development of Bolt Screwing Tool Based on Pneumatic Slip Ring -- Deep Grasping Prediction with Antipodal Loss for Dual Arm Manipulators -- Artificial Neural Network based Tactile Sensing Unit for Robotic Hand -- Bounded Recursive Optimization Approach for Pose Estimation in Robotic Visual Servoing -- The Energy Management for the impact/vibration control in the Non-cooperative Space Target Capture -- Force Analysis and Experiment of Variable Stiffness Soft Actuator Based on Particle Jamming -- Close-range Angles-only Relative Navigation of Multi-Agent Cluster for On-orbit Servicing Mission -- Deep learning based noise level classification of Medical images -- Deep Learning Based Gesture Recognition and Its Application in Interactive Control of Intelligent Wheelchair -- Cross-Subject EEG-Based Emotion Recognition with Deep Domain Confusion -- Development of Mixed Reality Robot Control System Based on HoloLens -- Improvement of Mask-RCNN Object Segmentation Algorithm -- The multi-section design of a novel soft pneumatic robot arm with variable stiffness -- Nonlinear Finite Element Simulation and Analysis of Double Circular Arc Spiral Bevel Gear Nutation Drive -- Design and analysis of gear profile of two-tooth difference swing-rod movable teeth transmission system -- TRANSMISSION ERROR SIMULATION ANALYSIS FOR RV REDUCER WITH ORTHOGONAL EXPERIMENT METHOD -- Design and finite element analysis of fiber-reinforced soft pneumatic actuator -- Configuration Design and Simulation of Novel Petal Tooth Nutation Joint Drive for Robot -- A bio-inspired self-repair approach for modular self-reconfigurable robots -- Reconfigurable design and structure optimization of SCARA -- Modular Design of 7-DOF Cable-Driven Humanoid Arms -- Design and Locomotion Analysis of a Retractable Snake-like Robot Based on 2-RRU/URR Parallel Module -- A Nonsqueezing Torque Distribution Method for an Omnidirectional Mobile Robot with Powered Castor Wheels -- A Two-Step Self-Calibration Method with Portable Measurement Devices for Industrial Robots Based on POE Formula -- Obstacle Avoidance of a redundant robot using virtual force field and null space projection -- Modeling of Torque Ripple for Integrated Robotic Joint.

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Intelligent Robotics and Applications 
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12th International Conference, ICIRA 2019, Shenyang, China, August 8-11, 2019, Proceedings, Part I 
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754 p. 
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